September 27th, 1986


A Letter From The Publisher: Sep. 27, 1968

Friday, Sep. 27, 1968
A Letter From The Publisher: Sep. 27, 1968
Time-Alexander Solzhenitsyn | Sep. 27, 1968
The number that identifies Russian Novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn on this week's cover is the same number that identified him all through his long years in a forced-labor camp. The serial style of the portrait, with its four panels showing Solzhenitsyn emerging from the faceless anonymity of the political prisoner, is an equally precise identification of the artist: Texas-born James Gill, 33.

Multiple images, reflecting different aspects of his subjects, have been a Gill hallmark ever since his first artistic success, a triptych commemorating the tragic suicide of Marilyn Monroe in 1962. That painting started the artist on a prolific career that has already put his paintings in Manhattan's Whitney Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Art Institute of Chicago.
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